The Evolution of a Post-Human Intelligence

he can speak for himself

The Blue Brain Project

IBM is working toward simulating a human brain using supercomputers. apparently they have a rat brain by now, but who knows how much they can understand about it.

The Social Singularity

this guy talks about the optimistic outlook for the future, our growing morality and our unification. he starts out interesting, but a lot of his presentation consists of quickly glancing over hundreds of graphs of increasing standard of living and decreasing returns to violence.

Jason Silva

Jason Silva seems to be saying everything that I am about the infinite possibilities our imagination will open up, the loss of individuality accompanying the singularity, even the relationship of psychedelics to this transition. he’s just like me, but actually good at grabbing attention and presenting media and information.

Galaxy Simulation

This is what I’m talking about in my post about the possibility that our own universe is simulated, and that we will be conduits into many more universes. One must wonder when we will find the matter in our universes starting to rearrange itself.

Humanistic Intelligence

this presentation is not great, but I found the presenter himself to be more interesting than his material. he’s a somewhat nerdy introverted type, and he has attached a camera to his eyeglasses in a demonstration of the beginnings of the possibilities of these technologies. I was amused at first when he started to illustrate his points on a pad of paper in front of him which only he could see, talking as if he was drawing a diagram on a blackboard. he seemed like a nerdy guy who was completely unaware that what he sees isn’t what others see. then I realized that his camera was capturing the drawing and projecting it for the audience, but whoever took this video didn’t pan over to it. I realized how beautiful an example he was of the singularity, an inwardly focused man who is now capable of focusing inward and simultaneously sharing his experience with the world.

Morgan Freeman Narrates

The theory that our universe is simulated, put forth by some physicist, narrated by the God of narration.



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