Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Psilocybin Mushrooms, commonly referred to as “‘Shrooms,” can only be described as magical.

The first time I had mushrooms I tripped with my friend Argus and my then soon to be girlfriend Io. We each had half an eighth of an ounce, which would have been a good dose for first timers if they were average quality mushrooms, but these were well beyond that, and I have never had a trip as intense since.

Mushrooms come on quite quickly, within 20-40 minutes, and last 4-6 hours (remembering that trips don’t really end). As the three of us approached the woods we could feel the trip physically start to take hold, as odd sensations went through us. We came more and more to realize the intensity of what was about to come as we walked along the narrow path which leads into the arb, dizzy from the effects of the mushrooms. Finally we sat down, but this did not help the dizzyness, as the environment was in a state of constant undulation and motion. Waves were flowing through everything. We each decided that at the very least we should sit down in a place where people wouldn’t walk by, and so we walked 20 feet and sat close to the edge of a creek, surrounded by fallen leaves and bare trees.

I’m not sure exactly how to describe the next three hours. We each sat there completely out of our minds tripping. A spontaneous joy would build inside me, growing and growing until I had to laugh to release it. yet every time I laughed my heart out and calmed down once more, I realized once again that I was tripping really hard, and the excitement built again. The three of us sat in this state for three hours, unable to stray from our spot even for a quick bathroom break. Every time I tried to move positions I was confronted with a new range of ridiculous and joyous sensory experiences, so much that I couldn’t possibly move.

As we came down we had time to reflect, but there was a sense that what had just occurred could not be reflected upon. it was so unexplainable and overwhelming. For three straight hours I felt like a different person, or perhaps a faun. In any case, I wasn’t myself.

It was during this time of reflection when I felt that I could Identify my feelings for Io as love. I won’t go into detail about this aspect of the trip because, honestly, I fear embarrassment.

In subsequent trips I have noticed this connection more and more. Tripping together on shrooms brings us closer to each other. And it’s not just with my girlfriend that I have felt this. Shrooms bring about a connection to the earth, humanity, and yourself which cannot be described.

Mushrooms have been used to treat depression and have helped me personally deal with depressive states. psilocybin has a sort of manic quality to it, it draws you to action in a great way. some describe their experience with mushrooms as though it were a communication with another conscious being, as though the mushrooms themselves led them places. I wouldn’t go that far. I believe that everything mushrooms teach us can be found within ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try mushrooms. Mushrooms direct you to do what is best for yourself in the best way possible: they make you want to eat healthy, exercise, and maintain homeostasis. They show you that what is good for yourself is beneficial to everyone, that the “me” you have to take care of is more of a “we.” I’m more active in helping others when on mushrooms (and afterward), and helping others is the best way to fight depression.


  1. Here is the description of my “heroic” dose of silly mycelium. This is from my very old Hot Guano website.
    My views have changed somewhat since then, but i still consider the relationship to be symbiotic between intelligent species.

  2. Thanks for sharing that – I have never taken psylocibin before. I may consider doing some truffle soon,

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