Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, LSD, or acid has provided for me more than I can comprehend. It is, to me, the most mysterious of psychedelics, allowing one to peer into the nature of thought in a way no other psychedelic can. One commonly held experience on acid is the feeling that your thoughts are looping back on themselves.

Another common experience is fractals, icons of psychedelic culture which I have littered throughout this blog.

A fractal is characterized by self similarity. The best example of a fractal is a tree, and this is especially true as branches have the ability to grow into a tree themselves if planted in the right conditions. Some trees such as the Quaking Aspen even form clonal colonies, entire forests of genetically identical trees connected by one large underground root structure. Some would claim that these forests qualify as the largest organisms, one such organism occupying over 100 acres, weighing about 6,000 tons.

Acid made me aware of the importance of fractals in the universe. Fractals are the most powerful tools for arranging chaos into order: anyone familiar with computer science will attest to the unmatched power of recursion.

I want to briefly draw your awareness back to this picture of thought loops:

These loops constitute a fractal, and it’s no wonder, as the brain is organized in a fractal pattern as well. As I began to form this connection of my thoughts to my brain, and my brain to the universe, I felt an unprecedented unity between the universe, nature, and myself.

As I continued my experimentation with Acid I felt more comfortable increasing my dosage. with stronger trips came new and odd visual qualities of the drug. These visual qualities coincide strikingly well with the feelings associated with acid which I had felt before, and I will elaborate:

There is a new level of clarity of things when on acid. Concepts connect in novel ways and it seems that you can see deeper into people’s actions, or general patterns. Likewise, there is added visual clarity. On acid you can see details in nature which your eyes couldn’t pick up previously. This is so much the case that people’s faces can become quite unattractive, with every blemish and pore apparent.

Acid has a quality of drawing you inward. It makes you think about the way you think. This spiraling feeling is also perceived with certain outside stimuli, such as when you stand in the middle of a long road staring down it.

The path seems to draw you into it, as if you are falling down a well. This feeling is apparent at low doses, but as I said, higher doses clarify the feeling quite a bit. On higher doses I felt my eyes lose control of themselves. My focus continued to cycle from the far away to the close by, and I could not decide to focus on anything my self. It feels as though nature is surging toward you, which means that relative to nature you are being drawn in. at the same time geometric patterns emerge, many hexagonal, and continue to rotate and merge into each other. This is what is meant by “kaleidoscope eyes” (though I do not believe that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” referred to LSD, I believe it was merely inspired by LSD).

I hope that I have pretty adequately explained the experience of LSD, but I have yet to explain the most important thing of all: how acid affected my view of the singularity. This story is too large to be tacked on at the end of this page, so it is contained in the page about My Experience.


  1. For more information about fractals, see:

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