Lysergic Acid Amide, or LSA, is not a particularly well known substance. It is structurally related to LSD, and produces similar effects. LSA can be found in Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds or Morning Glory seeds. there are processes for extracting the LSA, as some coatings on the seeds are poisonous, but I decided to just scrape the outside of the seeds and eat 5 of them.

Before I continue there is some backtracking to do. I arrived at college for the first time having no idea what to make of myself. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to smoke pot anymore. Fate, it seems, got the best of me, and I quickly fell back into my comfort zone, making friends with the stoners in my dorm. One of these friends, Crius, had experienced psychedelics before, and asked us about our feelings on the matter. We were all naturally opposed. The world of drugs is a dangerous place, and many stoners find it necessary, as I did, to draw the line firmly at Cannabis, or else risk a slippery slope ending with an overdose in a cold alley. After all, we had been told by many authorities that Cannabis was a gateway drug, and we were all eager to prove them wrong.

It was, of course, only a matter of time before we took the plunge, and the time came when a friend of ours ordered some mysterious seeds…

We were a party of about 5, all guys as I recall. After dosing on a beautiful fall morning we headed to the woods, and lay down waiting to trip. We waited until the trip should have taken affect, but felt nothing, confused as to what we should be feeling. We went deeper into the woods and some decided to smoke pot. I decided to maintain the purity of my trip a bit longer. Things began to be a bit different, and when I examined a flower I felt as though I could see more of it than usual. It was a curious thing.

I started smoking with the others and the trip took off. Cannabis has wonderful interactions with other psychedelics, usually bringing about stronger trips. We smoked and smoked and smoked, getting higher and higher, yet at the same time not. Unlike all other times I smoked, I couldn’t get tired from pot that day. The LSA carried me through the day in this way, keeping me active minded. I could go into the specifics of the journey I went on, but the amusing shenanigans I got caught up in don’t really have much to do with the singularity. I will say one more thing about the trip though.

As I walked with my friends I felt something which was incredibly hard to grasp. Crius clarified it for me: fulfillment. it wasn’t happiness, not in the everyday sense at least, it was the sense that I was doing what I should be doing, and that I was a better person for it. I have never been one to pursue happiness, as people who aim for happiness rarely acquire it. Now all of the sudden I had something to aim for, something beyond happiness: a sense of well-being, contentment, and fulfillment.

That was my one and only experience with LSA.



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