True Identity

I originally intended to be completely honest in this blog. For me this meant that I could not discuss the singularity without discussing how psychedelics have affected my thinking. I also felt that hiding my identity would be dishonest, and a disservice to those within the psychedelic culture. It is a tragedy that people are forced to hide the ways they choose to delight in existence, and I certainly don’t want to promote this sad state. I would very much enjoy being in the position to inspire others to be honest with their identities and practices, but I fear that I am not completely ready for this myself.

Anyone who asks me about my drug use will get a candid response. Most of these people have been family members, and over the past couple of years I have dealt with certain repercussions for this honesty, the worst of which has been the disappointment of certain family members. I continue to struggle to win the minds of my family, which has on the whole been very understanding.

If I could write this blog with only myself as the subject I would be far more inclined to be honest with my identity (though I would still be nervous about my relatives, especially the younger ones). However; it is impossible for me to communicate my experiences without mentioning my friends, which would implicate each of them in a series of felonies. it is not within my right to drag my friends down with me in my incessant drive for truth.

Therefore to un-complicate things I have separated my identity on this blog from my “true” identity as I see it. I have chosen the name Prometheus for reasons you can find through that link or the menu bar above (they lead to the same place). I have chosen various other names from Greek mythology for my friends, though no special meaning is associated with those names; I just felt the names somewhat appropriate for each individual.

Someday in the future I will merge my identities once more and present myself honestly to the world, but currently I am not in a position to do so.



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