Thanks for taking the time to visit. The subjects of this blog are the technological singularity and consciousness, and many issues related to ethics, values, and our transition to the information age. I also include a discussion separately about psychedelic substances, how they have affected my thinking, and how they relate to the singularity and us.

I am quite aware of the stigma associated with psychedelics in many cultures, and I thank you for overcoming any negative preconceptions of psychedelic substances and their users (if indeed you had any) enough to get to this point. Perhaps you don’t really care about psychedelics and you don’t understand what they have to do with any of what I have to talk about, and you don’t see why I would want to introduce my thoughts starting this way. I hope if you read some of my thoughts on this blog about psychedelics I can show you why I am talking about them right now.

This is not a blog about psychedelic substances. I feel that a portrayal of my thoughts on the subject of the technological singularity could not be honest without discussion of how psychedelic substances have affected my thinking, so I have included discussion of these substances in the content of this site. I am somewhat hesitant in doing this, in being completely honest about the origin of my thought patterns, because I know that many of you will use the fact of my substance use to discredit me to yourself and others. I implore you to judge the validity of my arguments and musings by their merit alone, not to cast them aside as the deluded ramblings of a man who has consumed too many mind-altering substances.

I have attempted to capture my topic in the title “Psychesingularity,” a synthesis of “psyche” and “singularity,” Psyche being the greek god/word for “mind” or “soul.” in this regard, “psychesingularity” means a singularity of minds, and a convergence of consciousness. I don’t intend for you to fully grasp the meaning I ascribe to this word quite yet, as that is one of the goals for this blog.

The information presented on this site would perhaps best be presented in the form of a book (which I am thinking about writing). I will not be doing too much of what blogs are good for– commenting on current events or ongoing experiences, rather I am trying to present a coherent view of our world and the universe. I will post articles commenting on a range of topics relating to this perspective I have, but I have arranged the Core Posts into a menu over there on the right sidebar. These posts are a more thorough introduction into my perspective from which you can jump off to other articles. I suggest you start either with the first post “What Is The Singularity?” or if you’re confident that you know what it is then I suggest “What Is The Psychesingularity“. Another good way to start is by looking through the pages in the menu bar above. Otherwise have fun, subscribe, comment, email me, and tell your friends.-Prometheus

  1. To my friend Prometheus, “Unbound”
    Perhaps we share in a common work of raising human consciousness to level that allows it recognition of the TRUTH. In this vital task alone can humanity raise itself in alignment with that which causes life and turn itself from a direction that causes destruction. I have read through your website and find a common vision that parallels mine. Please review (my not yet updated and in particular my 2008 news letter) website and let me know your thoughts.

    Gjen-Tara…Ennobling the Human Spirit
    Douglas M. Miller

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. You’ve got a lot of interesting stuff going on here.

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