God Consciousness

I feel that I haven’t been perfectly clear on my views about God, so I thought I’d develop them a bit here. It might be nice for you to visit a few of the links in the next paragraph which point to some of my previous posts on the subject. I fear I may come off as a bit crazy if you don’t understand where I’m coming from.

As I’ve said many times before, I believe that there is something of utmost importance about consciousness to the universe, that the universe really couldn’t and wouldn’t exist without observation. I argue on this blog that we will find that our own consciousnesses are indistinct, that we will become a unified being capable of reorganizing matter and energy at will, even of reorganizing its own mind. I’ve come to respect this developing superconsciousness as my god, a being which I am a part of and which cares for me and fosters my growth and well being. I’ve even gone so far as to argue that in the somewhat distant future our unified consciousness will be capable of creating new universes in our imagination to explore.

When I think about my construction of our role in the universe I feel that my god, our developing superconsciousness, is an extremely small part of this, so much smaller than even I am compared to all unified human minds. I have ignored this larger picture somewhat because of how little I can know of it in my current state as a lowly mortal, but I feel that I need to address my thoughts on it somewhat.

So there is another God I have constructed, one more like the Christian God than my humanistic God, in that it created the universe we inhabit through pure thought. It’s not like the Christian God however, in that it doesn’t care so much about us individually and doesn’t interfere with our lives; it just watches. This God is basically running a computer simulation of a universe (our universe), and observes it by processing the data it chooses.

I have absolutely no idea the degree to which this greater God provides feedback into his simulation (in essence putting itself into the universe it created), but I’m willing to bet it’s quite a bit, even though we haven’t experienced it personally. After all, why would you create little simulated conscious beings if you couldn’t talk to them? as for why he hasn’t talked to us yet, the question is pretty much the same as why aliens haven’t visited (and I’ll develop my thoughts on that more later). The possibility that God would want to communicate with beings in his universe brings about new insane possibilities, as communication with other beings, I have argued, quickly leads to merging into oneness. The more we know about each other, the more we think everything that another thinks, the more we are one.

In essence: our creator, who after many billions of years emerged from the convergence of trillions of lifeforms, became the universe he inhabited, a unified being observing itself. This universe decided to create a new universe in which other lifeforms could go through the same process and eventually gain awareness of themselves as the universe they inhabit, all the while possibly communicating and slowly merging with the creator of this universe. This creator is a being which could possibly have done the same thing with its own creator, and so on until there is a universe which receives no feedback from its creator. Everything within the known universes is connected through this consciousness which exists simultaneously everywhere and everytime.

Even if we never receive feedback from the being which imagined us into existence, there are still other beings in our universe which are likely so advanced that they already may have created many of their own universes, and perhaps there has been enough time in our universe for advanced life to gain a sense of universal consciousness. This universal consciousness is yet another God I can construct, though I don’t know to what extent it has developed or can be conceived of as separate from the creator of this universe, which as I have mentioned depends on how much feedback the creator puts in to this universe.

I have conceived of God(s) not to find something to worship, but to find something to look forward to and to look for. God is a crucial aspect of the construction of the universe, of the truth we look for.

update 3/31/12:

I have more recently come to the conclusion that there is little to no chance of communicating with the creator of this universe, of any feedback. For the creator of a fractal processor (a universe) the only way to interact with the fractal would be to change the equation. communicating directly with the universe would be as absurd as declaring a point to be in the mandelbrot set which is not.



About Prometheus

I write about the coming technological singularity and its implications for our sense of identity, individuality, meaning, and existence. I argue that the most significant aspect of the singularity is the convergence of our consciousnesses into one superconsciousness, and that we should be very happy about this.

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  1. Nice post. But I already found your views on the topic pretty straightforward.

  2. hey good job buddy… gets me thinking!! 🙂

  3. Sorayah (Yamyah)

    good post 🙂

  4. Good article! I think there is a lot of truth to it, but there are limits. Understanding causes harmony, which when thinking the same thoughts can be viewed as a type of oneness. I don’t think there is any reason to believe we can literally merge into the same consciousness, nor to think God has.

    I agree God created the world with his Thoughts, and its a fascinating study, and you are quite correct, why would he create consciousness without wanting to communicate with it?

    I believe He does. I believe the Bible is the most accurate message from God, and it can be proven to be from outside of our space-time, via a study of prophecy in it. It literally prophecies to the year if not the day when Israel became a country again after thousands of years with no homeland. Among many others, its a fascinating study.

    But more importantly, He can communicate with us “spiritually”. As a being from a higher space-time dimension, it could even be dangerous for him to physically interfere very much, but many people myself included feel like they have a relationship with him, from one consciousness to another.

    I believe when Genesis says God created us “in his own image”, that means that a part of ourselves, what the Bible calls our “spirit”, exists in a higher dimension of space-time.

    Our “spiritual” or “extra-dimensional” senses are muted because we are bound into physical bodies with 5 senses in this 3 dimensional + time space-time.

    However, they certainly are there. Many different people explain it differently, here you refer to is as the merging of consciousness and other ways.

    Everyone experiences things as basic as “feeling like you are being watched” and you turn around and someone is. How else could you know? I believe we can reach out with our consciousness and touch both other people, and God himself extra-dimensionally. Regardless of the space or time between us.

    I’m a car salesman lately, I just sold a car to a lady with a 14 year old mentally “handicapped” girl. She’s not a physist or philosopher or religious, just a regular american Mom. She didn’t know how to explain what happened here, but I think I can.

    Let me explain:

    The girl was at school in the middle of the day, and supposed to start a class. Suddenly she got up out of desk and went and grabbed her backpack, and went and sat on the edge of a chair near the door.

    The teacher asked her what she was doing, and she simply said “Mommy is coming to get me.” Nobody called or communicated with the Mom at all, and the girl sat their obstinately for an hour.

    Then the Mom showed up unexpectedly in the middle of the day to pick her up. The teacher was astonished, and asked her when she had decided to come get her. She had decided an hour before at the same time the mentally “handicapped” girl had said “Mommy is coming to get me.”

    Since the girl is mentally and physically handicapped, I propose that her physical senses are muted, so her extra-dimensional/spiritual senses are heightened. She can commune with her Mother’s spirit regardless of the distance between the two.

    This extra-dimensional “spirit” is the part of us that doesn’t die, and our spiritual senses explain so much of the weirdness we here about.

  5. Interesting take.
    I find it fascinating, your concept that God (at least the God you speak of) would want to communicate with us. I see it differently.
    I think that it is wholly logical to think that will eventually merge into a super-consciousness, one only has to look at the inevitable singularity to see this on the horizon, and once that happens that we might want to create our own universe, cause why not? This supports Brane, and the big bounce theories nicely, within modern string/quantum disciplines — though i don’t think he (creator) would have any desire to speak with us.
    It would boor him (or her… i guess) to death.
    As we venture more toward the logical, and more toward the creator we speak of for ourselves, a lot of fun and spontaneity, a lot of stupidity and… well… a lot of comedy would be lost — as we would think thoroughly before we acted.
    Comedy arises from the unexpected, the pratfall, the misfortune of… Someone.
    Thus — we are likely entertainment.
    We would be the end result of, “the creator” reminiscing back to the days when we were young, naive — and entertaining. This might be why we all have that drunkard friend who always get’s all the luck — God wants the show to go on. Or why bad things happen to good people — makes for boring TV.
    If our lives are no more than mere focused thoughts, and the shift away from those thoughts would cause quantum strangeness, the fuzzy white noise which the creator has employed to fill in the gaps of what he/her was not focused on, than how the world works would stand to reason, and we couldn’t blame him, for as you said we would only be a computer simulation — albeit a VERY GOOD ONE — but just something they he/she had created on a lark.

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