Free Energy

You probably haven’t noticed, but over the past year a few individuals and companies announced a breakthrough in energy technology so wildly fantastic that many believe it to be a scam (for good reason I would say). I personally believe in the truth of this breakthrough, I’ll explain why, but not before a little discussion of what has been supposedly discovered and why people don’t believe it.

Cold fusion is this idea of producing energy through fusion, which powers the sun and hydrogen bombs. The problem is that, unlike with fission, in the past decades we have not found a way to produce a fusion reaction without the immense heat generated by a nuclear explosion, and so we have been stuck with dangerous fission nuclear power plants which can meltdown and have radioactive products and byproducts. There have been some very expensive attempts at a hot fusion reaction, but to contain such a reaction would require an immense magnetic field, some crazy lasers, and billions of dollars per reactor.

Back in 1989 a couple of research scientists in Utah claimed they produced energy from a cold fusion reaction. They got a lot of press, and then no one could reproduce their results, so everyone assumed it was a scam. Since then scientific journals have stopped accepting articles on cold fusion, the US patent office has stopped accepting cold fusion patents, and scientists generally consider it a pseudoscience. This is somewhat understandable considering the immense amount of claims concerning cold fusion which have amounted to nothing.

So why have there been so many bogus claims in this field? What draws people to fabricate results and make lofty promises, even lie about this technology? And what makes it so hard to believe anyway? The answer is simply that by today’s standards, it’s too good to be true. We live in a pessimistic world where the more energy we use the more we destroy the world, the more we eat, the more we starve others. People have this impression that we are faced with insurmountable energy problems, that pollution and global warming will inevitably kill everything, and that we’ve doomed ourselves. This kind of technology offers energy at such a low cost that within 20 years the united states will not rely on the electrical grid, and houses even in third world countries will be able to afford home heaters and generators for little initial cost and negligible fuel cost. There would be no fossil fuel emissions, no pollution, just beautiful, abundant energy. Furthermore, desalination could take place on a huge scale, with the capability of boiling and transporting massive amounts of water, we may actually be able to solve our freshwater shortage problem. Naturally with so much to offer there is a great opportunity for exaggerated claims and scams. In addition to actual exaggerations and scams, pessimism is a psychologically stable position to hold; no one wants to get their hopes up, especially this much. Skepticism is also a scientific necessity, especially considering the history of this technology.

But I still believe that a breakthrough has occurred, and let me describe why. This guy Andrea Rossi claims he has invented what he calls an Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat. The reaction is not technically cold fusion, it’s called a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, or LENR, and involves a kind of nuclear reaction between hydrogen and Nickel, forming copper. Rossi has demonstrated this to several customers who were satisfied enough with the technology to buy some 1 MW reactors worth millions of dollars, however no independent scientist has verified that the reactor is what Rossi claims. This is quite suspicious, and Rossi claims that all “independent” scientists he’s seen have been from competitors. Indeed, Rossi does have competitors, other companies claiming they’ve developed a similar technology which is more refined than Rossi’s E-Cat. The fact that other companies are claiming the same thing either indicates that multiple companies and individuals are in on possibly the biggest scam I will ever witness, or there is something actually going on here. Anyway, supposedly one of Rossi’s customers is the US military, and he might be talking with Home Depot about home heating units for this year in the US. A few respected scientists at NASA have endorsed the technology, noting that LENR reactions have been demonstrated hundreds of times.

Part of what seems to be making people nervous is that if what Rossi says is true, he is going through very unscientific avenues to announce and distribute this technology. Rossi himself is more of an engineer than a scientist, he says he doesn’t really understand how the reaction works, he’s just made it work by finding a good catalyst. Instead of letting scientists pick it apart, Rossi is just going to prove it works by selling it. A competing company, Defkalion, is likewise pursuing patents that would qualify their nuclear technology as a home heating device, not a fusion reactor. Scientists probably are upset that a discover like this could be unveiled through capitalist means rather than scientific ones, but considering the unwillingness of journals to publish Rossi’s work I can understand the direction he and others are taking. I even heard of a luxury boat company claiming they had cold fusion boats for sale: certainly not the humanity-saving image that many would like to be associated with this technology.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this all unfolds this year. I’m willing to bet that people are going to become much more aware of this development soon. I hope that this is the beginning of technological advances which reverse the prevailing pessimism today.

As a quick note, I titled this post “free energy” to draw attention to the phrase which is pretty meaningless. Already we are able to do the work of 100 men for three dollars a gallon of gas. Energy is pretty much free now, and while it will be vastly cheaper soon, it will always cost something.

update: as per the suggestion of a commenter I will include some links for further information

the wikipedia article, for what it’s worth

the official e-cat site

PESN is a fun site because the writers seem to be pretty radical in their beliefs in energy technology. they also have a business relationship with Rossi, whatever that means, and are very very strongly in favor of him.

this is a blog about the exciting new technology. his optimism and imagination reminds me of myself. he has a few posts about why there’s little reason to doubt this.

beyond that, I’m sure google can help you, and I know Forbes has written a few articles on it.



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I write about the coming technological singularity and its implications for our sense of identity, individuality, meaning, and existence. I argue that the most significant aspect of the singularity is the convergence of our consciousnesses into one superconsciousness, and that we should be very happy about this.

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  1. I can’t comment because I don’t know enough. One thing you might do is add links that you consider reliable to your post. It is of course a fascinating subject.
    Many very rigorous scientists are deeply optimistic people. They are also willing to have pretty wild hypotheses based on the insights and research available to date; they simply believe that all hypotheses should be ongoingly subjected to careful testing and analysis.


  2. Interesting stuff.

    I know next to nothing about this subject, but I have to ask – have you ever looked into the work of Dr Judy Wood by any chance?

    The evidence she has collected presents a strong case for some kind of directed free energy technology weapon being used on 9/11.

    In addition the physical evidence (‘dustification’ of steel as it falls through the air, lack of debris on the ground, lack of seismic impact, fine dust covering manhattan, ‘toasted’ cars with engines missing, fresh topsoil being brought in to ground zero, dumped and then trucked out again etc) she also presents some interesting circumstantial evidence. For example two the contractors hired by NIST for their investigation (SAIC and ARA) are involved in directed energy technology. ARA co founded the ‘Directed Energy Professionals Society’.

    What makes all this even more fascinating is that the main figures of the so called ‘9/11 truth movement’ have totally ridiculed the idea and dismissed all of the evidence. I thought the idea of any ‘truth movement’ was supposed to be to have an open mind and let the evidence lead the way…. apparently not. Mentioning Dr Wood’s work or DET in general seems to get you censored and even banned from websites like A&E for 9/11 Truth.

    There are also some alleged links (I forget exactly what they are) between Stephen E Jones (one of the main 9/11 truth movement ‘leaders’) and cold fusion (see videos below for more details on that)

    For all the ridicule directed her way Dr Wood is the only 9/11 researcher to actually submit her evidence (evidence, not theory!) to NIST in a RFC (request for correction) and later when it was not acted upon, pursue a fraud case legally all the way to the supreme court (again, details below)

    AE911 Truth also submitted a RFC to NIST but didn’t include a single reference to ‘thermitic material’ – which is odd considering it forms the basis of their entire controlled demolition theory.

    As Dr Wood suggests herself, do you think the people who planned and carried out an event as sophisticated as 9/11 forgot to create a backup story (false opposition)? The implication being that the controlled demo / thermite theory is that false opposition to the official story designed to keep everyone running around in circles until 9/11 becomes (rather like JFK) little more than a heated debate to have with your friends after dinner ….. about an event long time ago.

    We’re all familiar with the negative effects of 9/11 (regardless of who you believe is responsible) such as the WoT, the wars in the ME etc. But what if 9/11 was in fact proof that someone, somewhere has developed ‘free energy’ technology?…. technology which can be used to set the world free as easily as it can be used to enslave it or destroy it. What if the existence of this technology is staring us all in the face?

    And what if the world woke up to this fact? That would be quite a paradigm changer I think!

    More info to be found here:


    Dr. Judy Wood – Where Did the Towers Go?


    Dr Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did the Towers Go – Part 1


    Dr. Judy Wood and John Lash The quintessential talk on 911 – September 06, 2011


    A Challenge To The Crop Circle Wizards – A Presentation by John Lamb Lash – 9/11 truth

    History of the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ especially in relation to Dr Wood’s work.

    Andrew Johnson Directed Energy Weapons and the 9 11 COVER UP

    • hmm, I’ve never heard of Judy Wood, but after looking briefly at her arguments I must admit that I don’t believe what she says. “directed free energy” is a kind of bogus term, what is “free energy” supposed to mean? and in any case, there’s really nothing to indicate anything happened that day beyond what we saw, no matter how much more shocking we wish to make it. I don’t really want to debate about the truth of 9/11 though.

      • “I don’t really want to debate about the truth of 9/11 though.”

        OK no probs 🙂

        I’d just like to clarify a couple of things though to wrap it up…

        1. Dr Wood’s work is all about studying and presenting the evidence meticulously, it just so happens that the evidence points to some kind of directed energy weapon (which is a deliberately vague term as because that’s all the evidence can tell us).

        2. She also does not literally mean ‘free’ energy either. The effects observed resemble those already known to occur when radio, microwave and other types of energy are made to interfere with a static field. This seems to have the ability to unlock matter at a molecular level. This phenomenon is commonly known as the ‘Hutchison effect’ after the bloke who demonstrated it (and ended up getting paid visits from all sorts of government agencies soon afterwards). So DEW is supposed to be a general term in the same way that ‘percussive injury’ is a vague term meaning ‘struck by a some kind of solid object’.

        3. “there’s really nothing to indicate anything happened that day beyond what we saw”

        Absolutely 100% correct. That’s kind of the whole point. We simply need to LOOK at what happened and forget what we have been TOLD happened (by anyone). This is actually a lot easier and a lot harder than you might think.

        Debating ‘conspiracy theories’ is a merry-go-round of endless speculation. Dr Wood’s work is refreshing in that she only looks at the *evidence* and disregards all theories (official ones AND alternative ones).

        One only has to look with fresh eyes to see that the towers literally turned to dust in mid air. As you can clearly SEE, the falling steel is literally dissolving into dust like an alka -selzer pill being dropped into a glass of water. If you watch in high def and follow the huge chunks of steel down you can see they are actually GENERATING that dust.

        How can steel keep generating massive quantities of dust for nearly a quarter of a mile down to the ground? … dust which we know then continued to expand to form a ‘dome’ over ground zero which blocked out the sun completely for several minutes. This can’t be pulverisation (the free falling steel is not encountering any friction, just air), nor can it be explosives… it appears to be molecular disassociation of some kind.

        This observation is further backed up when you look at pictures of the ground, such as the images showing an ambulance parked at ground level right next to the North tower (immediately after it was destroyed). There is no debris on the ambulances roof, only dust. How can this be?!!! Whether you think it was a gravity collapse from jet fuel or a controlled demo it should have been buried under 110 floors’ worth of debris, yet the photos/ videos show ground level is still visible. Where is all the steel and concrete? Answer: most of it really was turned to dust in mid air.

        4. None of this is theory or speculation. It’s just evidence. A thousand photographs and video clips all show the same thing. Next to this evidence (and much more) it would seem that ALL of the conspiracy theory debate is a waste of time and a red herring. All we need to do is separate ‘what we thought we saw happen’ from ‘what we really saw happen’ and let the observations point us in the direction of the truth.

        But unfortunately most people just love to talk about what they ‘believe’ happened.

        Anyway, I just thought you might be interested if only for the free energy/ cold fusion aspect 🙂

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